Open innovation for a mobile future

Collaborative intelligence for solid outcomes

Weight reduction

Digital transformation for operational excellence

Smart mobility solutions




Perfecting the Present

We support our business development and marketing activities by applying innovative solutions into our products and production to create value added products. The focus is to develop new materials, production technologies and apply design competence for OEM’s future projects. At Farplas we also apply innovation into our business style by digitizing the projects and processes. Data analytics, image processing and smart manufacturing applications are some of the tools we use.

Farplas holds R&D Center Certficate issued by Ministry of Industry and Technology since 2009 and received National Innovation Award in 2017.


Discovering the Future

In the rapidly transforming world of automotive, Fark Labs is a step into the future. We established this mobility-oriented innovation center to deliver solutions for transportation-related problems arising from massive urbanization.

Fark Labs handles the concept of mobility as a whole, containing electrical, connected, shared, and autonomous vehicles altogether. With F+ Ventures within our structure, we watch the mobility start-ups firmly both in Turkey and around the world and make investments in cases of opportunities. CSUM (Creative Solutions for Urban Mobility) represents the creative division at Fark Labs and focuses on improving the user experience. Fark Labs' first own start-up Comodif connects vehicles with platform software and embedded system technologies. It increases driving safety and adds value to the vehicle data.