To be the innovative and global brand, holding the leadership in Turkey’s mobility ecosystem.


Providing innovative solutions to the mobility ecosystem and implementing multi-sided business models with our stakeholders.

The technological development at Farplas progress in the following fields:


Utilization of SAP ERP corporate resource management system for reliable, integrated manufacturing processes; centralized, transparent single source information for all stakeholders and efficient use of all resources.


Implementation of high volume paint applications for components like hubcaps, etc. Implementation of intricate processes like a complete body, soft touch, and piano black paint applications. Implementation of applications like vacuum coating, pad printing, and film coating Performing of all types of welding processes (vibration, heat bonding, ultrasonic, etc.) as well as highly automated, robotic assembly lines, and supports its precision manufacturing with systems like camera control systems.


Applications of injection molded long glass fiber reinforced sensitive security components, one shot in mold fabric lamination with the use of standard injection machines and reading light system suitable for all seating positions are among others that have been developed by Farplas.


Automotive trims surrounding the vehicle. From underhood to visual parts; all plastic exterior is in the scope of Farplas including high glossy and body painted ones.

Front-end module, Backdoor panel, Front grilles, Cowl system, RR spoiler, Fuel filler door, B pillar outer, Body side mouldings, Wheel covers, Wheel arch liners, Wheel guards


Best in class for interior trims.Develops and manufactures a wide range of interior components.Includes painted, IMD, high gloss options to cover customers’ needs.

Instrument panel, Central console, Glove box, Cluster garnish, Roof console, Pillar trims, Scuffs, Luggage side trims


Global market leader in service set units for commercial vehicles.We serve with our own shelf products as well as customer driven projects. Other exterior lighting products are tail lamps, side markers.

Service set units Other lighting products Mobility Projects Smart city Solutions


New material development Composites, Paint materials, Polymers, Chemical foaming, Physical foaming, Bio-based materials, Circular economy materials, Cost effective new material development, New joining techniques, Decorative trim solutions.

Composite battery tray NFRP door panel


With diverse range of vehicle segments and products, Management of all the technical and commercial aspects of the project with timely and clear cost and quality agreement.

Concept Projects:

- Customized full design concept and styling

- New product for customers’ product portfolio

- 5 to 10 new design models for initial testing

- Preparation and production of A surface Cad-model prototypes / wooden models, design of B surface and mechanical design

Full System Projects:

- Review of A surface and body fitting conditions for initial feedback

- Development of B surface and mechanical properties supported by prototypes, simulations, DFMEAs, and continuous design and feasibility updates


Decisions are made and strategies are based on the “Total Quality Management” – Zero Product Defect – Zero Loss approach that is adopted by our entire team.

Process oriented quality management system is certified according to ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001. Environmental management system is certified according to ISO 14001, which provides a comparison of the quality standards in the area of environmental protection against international standards.

Some examples from the scope of the Farplas laboratory are; humidity cabin, heat tests, vibration instruments, spray cabin, optical laboratory, color measurement instrument, 3D Coordinate measurement instrument, water resistance test.